Maxi Plates

The panel has a maximum thickness of approx. 3 cm and was especially developed for laying on unpaved surfaces such as gravel and sand. With the Maxi panels you can create excellent garden paths, garden seats and (roof) terraces. 

The carrier plate has a layer of river pebbles with approx. 23 mm, while the top layer with approx. 7 mm thickness consists of real marble or quartz gravel. The visible side of the maxi plate is available in all the colors of our stone carpet selection.

The maxi plate has essentially the same properties as the Natursteinteppich Bodenbelag floor plates. However, there is no flexibility due to the installation in unpaved ground. The maxi panels, like the floor panels, are water-permeable and therefore frost-proof and slip-resistant.



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Stone carpet maxi-plate 50x50x3cm

CHF 199.00 / m² *

Delivery period: 28-42 working days
Delivery weight: 48 kg
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery